Sydney Rowing Club

    Overlooking the stunning Abbotsford waterway, Sydney Rowing Club is one of the best spots in Sydney to enjoy a cold drink with friends. The brief was to carry out a soft-refurbishment of the club to create an upmarket look which compliments the water views, whilst still being sympathetic to the demographic & it’s rowing community history. We had to ensure that the interior of the club would be aesthetically pleasing when night falls and no longer allows the water views to be the main focus. New finishes & furniture were also selected for the terraces & outdoor dining areas as this is prime location for patrons to dine during the summer. Consideration was given to the continued use of the Watergrill Restaurant for functions & weddings, therefore furniture & finishes were selected that wouldn’t override the event taking place. The colour palette chosen was derived from the surrounding water views with the continual use of different shades of blues throughout the club. If you look closely you will see that certain finishes & light fittings are also in-keeping with the ocean inspiration. The calacutta look cladded fireplace is a beautiful focal point of the club. Along with the beautifully upholstered furniture, they both work together to achieve a sophisticated & welcoming atmosphere for patrons.